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If you want to feed your horse a more natural diet or if you are competing at the highest level, ensuring the diet you feed is totally drug-free is vitally important for your horse, and your peace of mind.

All Allen & Page feeds are completely drug free and produced in the company’s own drug free mill. No artificial flavours or other medicinal additives are used in any of the feeds. In addition, Allen & Page does not use ‘nature identical’ flavours or additives which have been synthetically produced to mimic their natural alternatives. Furthermore, all of the herbs the company uses are absolutely the real thing.

To reinforce this, Allen & Page signed up to the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) voluntary code of practice for feed manufacturers, to reduce the risk of naturally occurring prohibited substances (NOPS) in horse feeds. Substances such as morphine from poppies, hordenine from sprouting barley and theobromine from cocoa products are included within the code as, if they are consumed by a horse, they could show up in dope tests leading to disqualification in competition. Allen & Page manufactures to a strict code of feed safety and monitors for the presence of these substances to ensure the risk of occurrence is minimised.

When it has to be drug free, and you want peace of mind choose Allen & Page.
For more information and advice on a suitable diet for your horse or pony call the Allen & Page award winning nutritional helpline on 01362 822 902

or visit www.allenandpage.com.

Author: News Editor

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