Should we eat horsemeat – Princess Anne on a touchy subject…

This is the whole conference on youtube – Princess Annes speech starts at 18.20 minutes in the youtube stream.

Yesterday at the World Horse Welfare’s 2013 Conference on Horses in the Next Generation –  Princess Anne said: “Our attitudes to the horsemeat trade and the value of horsemeat may have to change.

“Should we be considering a real market for horsemeat and would that reduce the number of welfare cases if there was a real value in the horsemeat sector?

“I chuck that out for what it’s worth because I think it needs a debate.”

She pointed to the fact that in France a fillet of horsemeat is often the most expensive meat in local butchers.

“We’ve got to face that,” she said. “We’ve got to understand whether that value has also a part to play in how we reduce welfare cases.”

Author: The Editor

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