Argumentative essay writing tips

Argumentative essay writing tips

To write an essay in an argumentative style is probably one of the most challenging assignments students encounter during their studies. Unlike other types of essay, this one includes different points of view, and your task is to provide credible evidence supporting the one you believe in and to refute the other. In a nutshell, an effective argumentative essay should make the reader not only see the problem from your perspective but also start thinking the way you do. No wonder, you may need help with writing such a paper. This is where tips from can come in handy!

Do’s and don’ts when writing an argumentative essay

  • Language
  • DO use comprehensive language

    DON’T use emotional language and weak qualifiers

  • Support
  • DO provide reasons to support your argument

    DON’T assume that your reader will simply agree with you

  • Experts
  • DO cite reputable experts who have the same point of view

    DON’T pretend to be an expert if you are not one

  • Refutation
  • DO refute each opposing argument

    DON’T try to offend the opposing side or make them look bad

  • Evidence
  • DO provide reliable facts, examples, statistics, etc. to support your reasons

    DON’T use your beliefs, feelings, and emotions as evidence

  • Confidence
  • DO have the confidence in what you are writing about

    DON’T try to convince the reader of something you don’t believe in

  • Time
  • DO start early to have enough time for research and reviewing

    DON’T leave your argumentative essay until the last moment

    Carefully read these tips, you will understand how to properly write an argumentative essay. However, don’t forget that if you are stuck on this assignment, you can always look through several good examples or ask for professional academic writing help.

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