Feeding the youngster the Morry Stud way


If you want to start your horse or pony off on the right hoof, diet is crucial. Growing involves building body tissues, so it is important to support youngstock, as well as the stallion and pregnant or lactating mare, with a balance of nutrients through a healthy diet. Jane Steeples of Morry Stud breeds, produces and shows Mountain and Moorland ponies, Fells, Highlands and Welsh Section D’s and has found the perfect feeding routine to ensure peak health and performance…

“We have tried different methods of feeding our youngstock and have found feeding Horslyx extremely successful,” she says. “Just weaned foals can arrive very stressed, timid, refusing to eat and under the weather. Most of the babies will eat hay but we have found giving them a Horslyx is a wonderful way of getting them started on hard feed. There is no waste and they can have constant access to them. They all love the taste and the most nervous and fussy eaters are soon tempted.”

“We find that they relieve stress levels and reduce boredom, particularly in foals until they reach the stage that they can be safely turned out. Once they are out in the field they always have access to Horslyx to supplement the grazing with all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements they need to help produce happy healthy ponies for the show ring.”

“We find the trickle feeding method kind on the gut and feel that it lessens the risk of feed related health issues and as they continue to access Horslyx throughout their training and development using the Mini Horslyx is so helpful for trailer training, introducing the vet and farrier and generally offering them a reward. Our whole show team is turned away for the winter with the 80kg Horslyx tubs and just good quality hay. They always come back in with healthy hooves, skin, coats, long healthy manes and feathers – which is all so important when showing Fell ponies.”

Horslyx is the ideal solution to providing extra nutritional value in the diet of broodmares, stallions and youngstock, as the comprehensive and palatable lick helps to supplement the diet with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants, which are essential not just for healthy growth, but also fertility. Providing free access to Horslyx will also help to balance the deficiencies typically seen in modern day forage and grazing by supplying important nutrients including; magnesium, zinc, copper, iodine, cobalt, selenium and vitamin E, all of which help to support healthy growth, vitality and a strong immune system.

Prices for Original, Garlic, Mobility and Respiratory Horslyx start at £10.75 and are available in 5kg, 15kg and 80kg tubs (Original, Garlic and Respiratory only). For more information visit www.horslyx.co.uk or telephone 01697 332 592.

Author: Features Editor

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