Feeding treats

As horse owners, we all use treats from time to time to reward, bribe or distract our horses – particularly if there is an unpleasant or difficult task involved. However, many treats can be high in calories and offer little nutritional value, but don’t panic, not all treats are bad!

Mini Horslyx offers a unique and highly palatable lick, containing a three-day supply of high specification vitamins and minerals to help keep horse and ponies in all round top condition. The hand held treat is the ultimate indulgence for all equines, even good-doers and fussy eaters, providing a nutritionally balanced and wholesome alternative to sugary rich treats, containing no artificial colours or preservatives. Mini Horslyx makes for a delicious reward or a handy distraction during particularly stressful times such as clipping or farrier visits, as well as helping to persuade tricky loaders and catching difficult horses. Mini Horslyx can be hand-held or tipped into a bucket or manger, perfect for easy movement or taking to shows and competitions. Additionally, the simple, hand-held design provides an excellent means of completing stretching exercises with your equine, as the tub allows you to hold each stretch for the optimum amount of time, without being snatched or broken.    

So next time you want to reward your horse grab a Mini Horslyx and show them just how much you care! Mini Horslyx are available in Original, Mint, Respiratory and Garlic formulations. RRP £3.65 per 650g tub. For more information visit www.horslyx.com or call (01697) 332 592.

Author: News Editor

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