Five Minutes With… Jason Webb


Kent-based Jason Webb, of Australian Horse Training, specialises in starting young horses and solving behavioural problems using common sense.

“I became interested in horse riding from a very young age and was “born in the saddle” in outback Australia, following my dad rounding up sheep and cattle in the Snowy Mountains. I had a pretty idyllic childhood. I now love the UK, but after eleven years, I am still not used to the English winters. An indoor school is on my wish list!”

“The key thing I learned from my most influential equestrian mentor is that there were no short cuts or magic wands. My dad’s motto was, “If you want a better horse, you’ve got to ride it!”, meaning that you can’t expect to gain results without putting in the hard work first.”

“If I could wave a magic wand and change one thing about riding, it would be that more people would recognise how important the starting/ breaking in process is for the ridden future of that horse. This is the area I specialise in and it is vitally important to get it right!”

“The most common negative aspect I see in horses that are competing is a lack of ‘forwardness’- they have become resistant, or have started rearing. I think a lot of the time, this is caused by riders wanting their horses to look good before they are going forward freely and holding their gait without the rider nagging the horse along.”

“I find horses incredibly fascinating, and enjoy learning something new every day. I enjoy figuring each horse out, and how best to proceed with their training and then teaching the owner/ rider how to progress once the horse goes home. I also admit to being a little bit of an adrenalin-junkie, so I like the fact that there is an element of unknown in the work that I do!”

“I have inherited a love of fast Thoroughbreds, so my ideal ride would be the Aussie sprint mare, Black Caviar. I have also been involved in behavioural work with some top level dressage horses, so riding them has given me a bit of a buzz too. In polo-crosse, I missed out on riding my sister’s horse Doondi Sapphire, as I had moved to the UK. She went on to win Champion Horse at the Australian National Championships, and on a recent trip to Australia, I started one of her sons who feels pretty special too.”

“The motto I try to live my life by is “The only difference between Try and Triumph is Umph!” but I also like one of Dad’s favourites, “Wet saddle blankets make good horses” meaning that horses need work, and we should make them sweat under a saddle cloth to become reliable and consistent, and ultimately happy within the horse-human environment.”


I couldn’t live without…

I advocate Aloeride, a natural aloe vera supplement – it has wide reaching health benefits, and its 100% natural approach fits in perfectly with our ethos of going back to basics. We have many horses through our doors that arrive in a less than ideal condition, so Aloeride is the perfect supplement for us.”

Author: Features Editor

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