GastriAid for a ‘Smiley Tummy’…

naf-gastriaid-36-600x600Latest research is repeatedly highlighting the prevalence of ulcers in horses, and, that’s not just in racehorses but in your horses. NAF have responded with GastriAid, a leading edge supplement to maintain your horse’s stomach in healthy, happy condition and support an ulcer free environment.

Without a gastroscope it is difficult to detect ulcers in the stomach.  However, there are ways of assessing that your horse might be prone, or showing signs of ulcer formation in his stomach.  Horses who are kept stabled for long hours, eat a high grain diet, work hard and regularly travel are fairly high risk, especially if they are of a stressy, highly strung nature.  There are also characteristic behaviour patterns that may indicate the possibility of a stomach ulcer.  These habits include: box walking, wind sucking, crib biting, a ‘cold back’ or displaying irritability when being girthed up, a poor attitude or unwillingness to work, whilst a dull coat or loose droppings can also be tell tail signs.

New GastriAid is designed to naturally support the absence of ulcers in the stomach by defending the stomach wall from acid build up and help maintain the pH balance in the gut, and thereby, providing daily protection from stress related gastric problems including ulceration.    This advanced formulation has been created by world leading veterinary nutritionists.  It contains antacids, pre and pro biotics, together with herbal support to provide daily protection and maintenance of the gut, at an affordable cost per day, and give your horse the stomach lining he deserves to be able to work and perform in comfort and to the best of his ability.

So, don’t let your horse have a ‘Grumpy Tummy, feed him GastriAid, just what he needs for a ‘Smiley Tummy’.

Sizes and RRP’s  1.8kg (30 day supply)- £29.95   3.6kg (60 day supply)- £53.95

Costs per day to feed:  £0.90/day based on a 3.6kg tub

GastriAid is available at your nearest NAF stockist.  Please ask for details or call the NAF Freephone Advice Line 0800 373 106 for more information to find out stockist details.

Author: News Editor

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