Hack Cam

Gizapaw have introduced a new sleeve that has been designed to encourage motorists to drive safely around horses.

The reflective and hi-vis tail sleeve and tabard promotes the idea of safety not only through warning, but also by recording via a small attachable camera.

The tabards and tail sleeves are available with either “Smile You’re on Camera” or “Please Pass Wide & Slow”.
Both of these slogans will help to encourage motorists to drive safely around you and your horse whilst out hacking.


Gizapaw also provide a waterproof casing for their micro cameras, allowing for the cameras to be used outside in all weather. The casing comes with a strap which will fit around the riders helmet or arm, as well as a crocodile clip. The waterproof casing will not, however, fit onto the tabard or tail sleeve fixed mounts.


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Author: News Editor

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