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Bedmax bedding. Photo: Bedmax

Bedmax bedding. Photo: Bedmax

Most horse owners will have a personal favourite when it comes to horse bedding, but if you’re unhappy with your current choice, or want to explore more options, consider:

  • Your horse’s needs. Some horses can’t cope with dust, in which case go for something dust free, such as dust-free shavings, paper, wood pellets, hemp or rubber matting. If your horse is particularly messy in his stable and likes to roll a lot then it’s worth trying products that won’t stick to his mane and tail hair, such as wood fibre, paper and wood pellets. One other important consideration to make is whether or not your horse eats his bedding. To discourage him from doing so, choose a bed type that’s not edible, such as wood shavings, fibre or pellets, paper or rubber matting.
  • The amount of time you have. If you want quick and easy then rubber matting with a little bedding on top is the quickest option of all.
  • Money. For those on a budget, straw and paper are cheaper options, but aside from the initial outlay, rubber matting will save you money in the long term, too.
  • The environment. If you’re passionate about the planet and want to do your bit then go for wood fibre or wood pellets, which are usually made from recycled wood products.
  • Your muck heap size. Straw takes up a lot of space and shavings don’t always fully compost. So if you don’t want to be clearing your muck heap regularly choose a bedding that breaks down quickly, such as wood pellets or hemp.

by Nicky Moffat

Author: News Editor

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