Lara Dyson salutes her Equine Hero!

Behind every aspiring champion there is always an unsung hero!

The team at Alltech are on the search for Equine Heroes everywhere and want to shine the spotlight on the person that helps you achieve your equestrian dreams.

An Equine Hero can be anyone and is often the unseen face in the background who works hard for little or no reward.

Lara and Charlotte

Lara and Charlotte

Here, Lifeforce sponsored dressage rider Lara Dyson acknowledges her Equine Hero as Charlotte Dujardin.

Charlotte  became an inspiration to Lara when she first saw her compete at Hartpury, performing her dressage to music and scoring highly.

She admired how focused she was about perfecting every movement in the test, yet made it look effortless, as though she was just sitting there doing nothing.

Lara was amazed to hear Charlotte comment on leaving the arena that she could have done a few things better.

Charlotte became Lara’s Equine Hero after her first lesson with her.

Cadans, Lara’s KWPN Approved Stallion was five at the time and little did she realise how much he was testing her riding skills.

Within minutes Charlotte had him moving like a dream and Lara was in awe of her ability to make a horse so supple and swinging through his back, producing the most fantastic medium trot.

It’s the little details that make such a difference with Charlotte’s teaching style with Lara often being told she carry’s too many handbags and needs to turn her hands over!

When competing herself, Lara now aspires to always be as competitive as Charlotte Dujardin.

Alltech have been the unsung hero behind many of the world’s top feeds and supplements for over 30 years as the leading expert in equine digestive health and as such, want to salute other Equine Heroes.

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Lara and Charlotte

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