Lick a LaminShield!

Rockies’ LaminShield is available as a palatable lick that supplies horses and ponies prone to or at risk of laminitis with a bioavailable form of magnesium.

LaminShield provides the horse with Bioplex and magnesium in a calorie free way. It’s easy to integrate into any management system as it’s offered in a free access manner and as it’s a lick, you don’t need to add it to a conventional hard feed ration. Magnesium is an important factor in hundreds of processes inside the horse’s body-a deficiency of which could be a contributing factor to many different issues.

LaminShield is available in 2kg and 5kg blocks that can be offered in a free access manner and, with prices starting from £12.49, it’s great value to feed. For those who prefer, a powdered supplement is also available, which is supplied in pre-measured sachets.

For more information,, email or call 01606 595025.

Author: News Editor

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