Look cool, stay cool


With the colder weather here it’s important to dry our horses off quickly after exercise to avoid them getting cold.

Whether or not your horse is clipped this winter, it’s essential he stays warm after exercise, which is why investing in a cooler rug is a wise choice. Coolers work by wicking moisture away from the coat, so the horse dries in no time. They can also be used as under rugs for travelling or in the stable, so they’re a practical choice, too.

Before buying, it’s worth seeking advice from horsey friends or on equestrian forums. Cooler rugs can range in price from around £20 to £100, so you’ll need to decide on your budget, too.

If you’re into specific colour choices then it can look really smart to match your horse’s travel rug with his boots, head collar and tail bandage/guard. Plus many riders have their horse’s name or the name of their sponsors embroidered onto their cooler, for show purposes.

Before you buy, make sure:

  • That the rug feels well made with strong stitching and soft edges.
  • That it fits and looks good on your horse. See whether the shop will allow you to return it if it’s not suitable.
  • That it has a filet string to prevent the back of it blowing up over your horse’s back.

by Nicky Moffat

Author: News Editor

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