Love the Skin he’s in!

love-the-skin-hes-in-skin-washNAF have launched a fresh new premium skin care range for horses.  It’s called ‘Love the SKIN he’s in’.  

The ‘Love the SKIN he’s in’ products are all totally natural and have been formulated to complement each other in their actions and work from the inside and out to address the increasing number of skin problems that affect our horses, including lumps, bumps, rashes and irritations,

‘Love the SKIN he’s in’ offers a skin care program that every horse deserves.


‘Love the SKIN he’s in’ Skin Wash – a totally natural, effective wash that offers gentle, yet effective cleansing to damaged and/or challenged skin, however you choose to use it:

  • As a hot towel wash following clipping or for a deep clean.
  • A cold wash for a refreshing cleanse to lift sweat, grease and dust from the coat.
  • Applied directly in concentrated form to the affected area of skin.

And the bonus… every 1 litre bottle of ‘Love the SKIN he’s in’ Skin Wash comes with a FREE luxurious Deep Cleansing Towel.

‘Love the SKIN he’s in’ Skin Wash is supported by:

love-the-skin-hes-in-skin-supplement‘Love the SKIN he’s In’ Skin Supplement

If your horse’s skin is challenged in anyway at all, feed this unique natural formula, rich in naturally sourced anti-oxidants, especially during times when seasonal irritations are likely to occur.

love-the-skin-hes-in-skin-spray‘Love the SKIN he’s in’ Skin Spray

Gently mist over irritated areas of flaky skin, lumps, bumps and rashes, to soothe, comfort and help relieve any itching sensation. The benefits will be felt by your horse almost immediately.

love-the-skin-hes-in-skin-salve‘Love the SKIN he’s in’ Skin Salve

Soothes and comforts irritated areas of skin, itchy flaky patches and minor abrasions.  This light water based salve absorbs easily and leaves no superficial residue.



Says Emile Faurie, Gold medal winning International British Dressage Rider

“I cannot sing the praises of ‘Love the Skin he’s in’ highly enough, the products totally transformed Corbiere’s (Charlie’s) skin.  Following a horrible reaction to clipper oil, he broke out in sore patches, lumps and bumps which caused him a great deal of discomfort and sensitivity all over. We simply couldn’t touch him or even attempt to put on tack or rugs.

We made a timely call to NAF for help, as the ‘Love the SKIN he’s in’ range that was being prepared for launch.  We used the products in combination – we fed Charlie the Skin Supplement and treated his skin topically with Skin Wash and Skin Spray.

The products worked so well that within one month, Charlie’s skin was soft and his coat took on an amazing shine. I was able to ride him again and get him back out to competitions, where he looked and felt great.  The results speak for themselves!”


For more details please call the NAF Freephone Advice Line: 0800 373106, email or go to

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