Mud fever treatment

HPD-200g-mudfeverWinter can herald the onset of muddy gateways and boggy fields.  Horses that are turned out during winter can all be predisposed to the potentially chronic condition; mud fever.  Mud fever occurs when the skin’s protective barrier becomes compromised through periods of exposure to mud and wet conditions.  Micro-organisms enter the skin and cause bacterial infections which, if left untreated can cause swelling, pain and lameness.

We all know that prevention is better that the cure, so the best way to prevent mud fever is to be proactive at the first signs of muddy conditions.  Apply Horse and Pony Direct’s Mud Fever/Cut Cream to the back of heels, fetlocks and pasterns, these are the most common areas for mud fever to take hold, but be vigilant for other areas becoming affected.  Horse and Pony Direct’s Mud Fever/Cut Cream contains a silver/chitosan complex, a real innovation in wound management.   This unique complex has been scientifically proven to kill the bacteria responsible for mud fever.  The antibacterial formula acts as a barrier against harmful bacteria and also aids recovery of affected areas.

Horse and Pony Direct’s Mud Fever/Cut Cream is available in a 200 gram pot priced at £12.99.

Exclusively available through the website or on the 24 hour order line; feed balancers, supplements, creams, sprays and grooming products can be ordered at much lower costs than through tack shops and delivered direct to your door (or yard) within 48 hours. You will not find them in any shops. All products are made in the UK under the Horse and Pony Direct brand so you can rest assured that you always get the highest quality products at the best possible prices.

Horse and Pony Direct was launched last year and is already picking up awards for its products.  The super value fly repellent ‘Insect Away’ won Horse magazine’s ‘best value’ award.

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