Need a Hooftorch™?

HOOFTORCH offers a convenient bright light source incorporated into a hoof pick. Many people struggle during dark evenings and nights to pick out horses hooves with inadequate lighting; even well lit stables do not give sufficient light underneath a horse. HOOFTORCH resolves this problem.

If you go to evening shows/competitions and need to pick out in your horse trailer or lorry a HOOFTORCH makes things both easier and safer.

  • Made from high-grade impact-resistant co-dash polypropylene.
  • Easy grip textured finish handle.
  • Ergonomically designed and tested to ensure comfort for horse and handler.
  • Steel chrome plated pick.
  • On/off switch positioned at handle top for convenient and easy operation.
  • Aluminum alloy torch equipped with 5 white LED lights for maximum brightness.
  • LED torch average running time: 150 – 180 hours.
  • Dimensions: 155mm x 46mm x 33mm.
  • Available in 4 colours.

Although HOOFTORCH has been designed for equine hoof picking in poor lighting it could be used for other farm/zoo animals that may require their hooves picking out. It may also be of use to veterinarians and others working with hoofed animals in dark conditions.DES MY HORSE REQUIRE A HOOFTORCH?

The care and well being of a horse is dependent on regular hoof care maintenance. One of these tasks is to carry out hoof picking. In order to maintain soundness of the horse, it is essential that the hooves are well looked after. As part of a daily routine, the horse’s hooves should be thoroughly picked out at least once to examine for injuries or other abnormalities, and to make sure no stones have become lodged in the hoof which can cause bruising and discomfort.

A horse’s health depends on many things such as proper nutrition, living conditions, genetic influence and more, but one of the most important factors to consider is the care of a horses hooves. Improper or poor hoof care will affect the horses overall health. The old adage of No Hoof, No Horse!

Author: The Editor

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