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Childéric Lite Event Saddle

Childéric Saddles have just introduced a new addition to their event collection – the Childéric Lite Event Saddle.

Available in their popular CFSP and CFAP models, the new lightweight version has been remodelled to remove 4kg of weight by striping the saddle back to the bare minimum, without compromising on both horse and rider comfort and Childéric performance.

Jonathan ‘Jock’ Paget who won Badminton this year has been riding in the new saddle and told Equi-Ads:

“The new Childéric Lite saddle feels identical to my Childéric jumping saddle, yet gives me a real performance edge in the three day competitions. I work hard to reduce my normal weight by 6kg to my competition three day weight, because I believe it makes a big difference to my horses energy expenditure across country.  I can now remove a further 4kg using the Childéric Lite saddle. That’s 10kg less for my horses to carry, which means that we can optimise our performance even before we’ve left the starting box”

As with the entire Childéric Saddle Collection, the Lite Models are entirely bespoke to both horse and rider.

Prices start at £3,500.00

Author: The Editor

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