PDS saddle launch


Following our editorial in the June Equi-Ads Carl Hester invited a group of retailers and the media to watch a demonstration of the new range of saddles which offer new design options for both rider and horse.

Carl told Equi-Ads the new PDS collection will give dressage riders the fit and performance needed for outstanding results.

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PDS-P1011222The visitors were impressed with the running commentary given by Carl when he explained how dressage was an expanding activity and his riders gave examples of  some of the predetermined movements such as the piaffe (a cadenced trot in place), passage (an elevated, powerful trot) and pirouette (a 180 or 360 degree whirl).

The recently deceased Esme Jack (aged 96) along with the Duchess of Richmond persuaded the FEI that music would add something new to ‘horse ballet’. The first international competition set to music was at Goodwood in 1979 – the Goodwood International Dressage Competition.   Musical tests – are also known as Kürs.

In case you missed it…

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