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Think-Pink-TubThink Pink from Brinicombe Equine is a powdered concentrated feed balancer which offers unbeatable value and includes a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals, specially selected probiotics to support a healthy digestive system with added linseed oil for coat condition.

Forage plays a staple part of the horse’s natural diet which is digested in the horse’s hind gut by bacteria which reside within the caecum and colon; the products of this fermentation provide the horse with an energy source. Probiotics help to increase the digestibility of fibre which means that the horse can utilize more energy from fibre thus reducing the demand for additional concentrates which is healthier for the horse and the owner’s pocket. Think Pink contains a specially selected, protected live yeast which enables more of the live yeast cells that are ingested by the horse to reach the hindgut making it much more effective at supporting the health of the digestive system than other strains of yeast.

Think Pink is a versatile feed balancer that doesn’t add any bulk to the horse’s diet and can also be used as a short term pick me up when extra support is needed for maintaining condition through the winter. Fed everyday, Think Pink will help to maintain the natural micro-flora of the gut for optimum digestion and provide essential nutrients to help promote natural condition from within. It is suitable for all horses and ponies including broodmares and youngstock and even those prone to laminitis.

It can be fed in conjunction with a forage only diet or in cases when less than the recommended amount of concentrate is fed to top up the nutrient content of the diet. Think Pink is available in a 2Kg and 10Kg tub which is priced at £12.99 and £52.95 respectively.

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Author: News Editor

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