Veteran Cob Beats Flies, Mud Issues and Puffy Legs…


Atlas, a beloved and beautiful, coloured cob aged 20, and blind in one eye from an accident, found the summer months a real torment as he was plagued with flies. His owner, Cathy Watson, tried different types of fly rugs, masks and sprays but he still ended up getting badly bitten until he bled, particularly around his sheath, and he rubbed his tail badly all year round.

Then Cathy heard about Ruggle-it, so she spoke to Karen Ruggles at Ruggles & Stopitall and Karen explained that when horses rub their tails or hindquarters, it is rarely the source of the itch, but that rubbing their tail is as close as a horse or any other large animal can get to where the itch actually is. In Atlas’ case, it was his sheath and under belly.

Cathy purchased a Starter Pack of the natural Ruggle-it shampoo and oil and followed the instructions carefully, diluting it with water to make an effective, long-lasting yet natural fly repellent. It had an immediate result – the flies left him alone and he stopped itching all over. And, Cathy no longer required fly rugs or had to repair fences, and he grazed out all summer without a problem!

Then in the winter he developed hind leg troubles. The weather was very wet and there was a lot of mud around. He started to become resentful when Cathy was hosing the mud off his legs and didn’t like his feathers being clipped, which was unusual for him. So Cathy looked closer and realised with horror that hidden underneath his seemingly excellent feathery protection, he had very tender heels, plus crusty patches on his tendons and mallenders (crusty cracks) behind his knees.

With Atlas’ legs oozing and extremely unhappy, the vet was called in for immediate action to help Atlas fend off the vicious attack. His legs were puffy and had folds of swollen skin but because of another chronic hind limb problem, he was already on daily pain management from the vet, otherwise Cathy believes he would have been lame with this outbreak. The ‘before’ picture was actually taken after the vet’s visit and not at its worst. The vet warned Cathy that the mallenders were virtually impossible to resolve, but she decided to give Ruggle-it a try – after all it had worked so well on the flies and can also be used on many other skin issues, including those caused by mud – you just use the products differently depending on the issue.

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Cathy used Ruggle-it Shampoo, Oil and Semi-Salve and followed the ‘Mud Planner’ to the letter. At Karen’s strong encouragement, Cathy also gave him Protexin Equine Gut Balancer (‘pure’ probiotics) intensively to help his immune system try to fight the problem from the insides.

Said Cathy, “I simply couldn’t believe the difference in Atlas’ legs. The crusting, puffiness and tenderness backed off and within three weeks had completely gone! I highly recommend Karen Ruggles’ system.” The ‘after’ photo says it all.

Said Karen Ruggles, “Using a combined approach of external (Ruggle-it) and internal (Protexin ‘pure’ probiotics) is, in our opinion and experience with these extreme issues, utterly critical if the horse is to stand a chance of sustained recovery. Generally it also ends up cheaper, quicker and kinder to use this kind of combined and briefly intensive approach for both the horse and your pocket!”

See for detailed testimonials, ‘in-depth’ information on the Ruggles & Stopitall Ltd natural product ranges (joints, immune, gut, skincare etc.) or to order a pack online for maximum discounts. 01823 259952

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