Winter Ear Care

'Rough'-from-Rough-&-Tumble-Easy-EarAn area that is often overlooked when caring for our equines is their ears, and while any task carried out around this delicate area must be done with the utmost care, there are times when ensuring the ear is clean, free from debris and parasites is important.

As we move into the winter season many horses and ponies grow surplus hair around their ears, which can become a haven for mites, ticks and bugs. Wahl Easy Ear Cleaner is a free flowing cleansing fluid based on natural ingredients including Aloe Vera Gel and Menthol to soothe and cool any irritation, plus Camphor to assist in reducing inflammation and Eucalyptus to discourage mites and other nasties. This perfectly balanced formula contains no harmful detergents or cleansers and effectively removes dust, dirt and earwax with little or no rubbing required.

The benefits of giving your horse’s ears some attention is not only for aesthetic reasons, but you can check for changes such as aural plaques, ticks or mite infestations and this is applicable for both clipped and unclipped horses.

If your horse is clipped and happy for you to handle his ears then trimming the edges can give a neat and tidy finish without removing his natural protection. Using a quiet, low vibration clipper or trimmer – such as the Adelar or Bravura Trimmer from Wahl – gently squeeze your horse’s ear together and carefully trim the hair that protrudes from the top to the bottom. Then, taking a few drops of the Wahl Easy Ear Cleaner on a cloth or cotton wool pad you can gently wipe away any muck, stable debris or earwax to leave a clean and well-groomed finish. Never clip inside the ears – the hair here is vital to protect your horse from debris entering the ear canal – and without it you increase the risk of infection and irritation.

ZX730-Easy-Ear-CleanerFor horses that are not clipped, particularly if they are living out, it is good management to check the ear for any abnormalities on a regular basis. During the winter, when ear hair can get thick, checking and cleaning the area with Wahl Easy Ear Cleaner on a regular basis can help prevent any problems from developing.

Chris Orchard from the Orchard Scurry Team now uses ear cleaner as part of her ongoing routine. “It was always a major trauma getting my ponies’ ears nice and clean. Now I just put a small amount of Wahl Easy Ear Cleaner on some cotton wool and gently wipe the dirt away, the ponies all think they are getting an extra cuddle! No stress, no fuss, no problem and some very sparkly clean ears as a result!”

Wahl Easy Ear Cleaner costs just £6.69 for 500ml. For more information visit: or call 01227 740 066.

Author: News Editor

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