Worm control takes another step forward


This summer sees the launch of a revolutionary new test for tapeworm, great news for all horse owners. Westgate Labs are delighted to offer their customers the new EquiSal saliva test.  At last we have an easy to do, reliable test for tapeworm with no need to involve your vet. Simply add the test to your normal worm count pattern and no need to give routine tapeworm wormers any more unless the result indicates you need to.

Tapeworm can cause dangerous colic in horses. As with other worms they seem to affect some horses more than others for unknown reasons.

Why not continue to just worm ‘in case’? Worming may not work and resistance is a growing problem. The pony in the picture had been wormed with praziquantel in March yet still had a high reading for tapeworm when tested a few months later which we would not have expected.


When planning your worm control you should start with routine testing rather than routine worming. Add a winter dose for possible encysted redworm using plain moxidectin but no other wormers should be used unless results show they are needed.

Now you can buy your tests securely on line in the Westgate shop. All worming advice from the friendly expert Westgate team is included of course, just get in touch.

Visit www.westgatelabs.co.uk to order or Tel: 01670 791994

Author: News Editor

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